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If you need an Oklahoma uncontested divorce WE ARE YOUR BEST SOLUTION! If you and your spouse agree on the terms for your Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce we will prepare your divorce forms and deliver them to you for filing within three business days. All you have to do is sign your divorce papers and then appear at your scheduled court hearing to finalize your divorce. If your spouse will sign a waiver your spouse will never have to go to court! We provide uncontested divorce services for all residents in Oklahoma City and Norman !

Oklahoma Divorce Forms

We prepare your Oklahoma Divorce Forms with expert care to ensure that all important issues are addressed in your divorce forms. Your Oklahoma divorce forms are prepared using the latest forms for the county that you are filing in. We fully guarantee that your Oklahoma divorce forms will be accepted for filing or your money back!

About the Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

Uncontested divorces in Oklahoma County can be finalized in as little as ten (10) days. If you have a minor child(ren) there is a ninety (90) day waiting period, but that waiting period may be waived by both parties. So even if you have minor children, your Oklahoma uncontested divorce can still be finalized after ten (10) days have passed from the date the divorce petition was filed. We make the process of getting an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma simple and affordable!

Filing Requirements for an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma

To file an Oklahoma uncontested divorce all that is necessary is that either you or spouse must have been a resident of our great state for at least six-months prior to filing. This is known as the Oklahoma residency requirement for filing a divorce.

Grounds for an uncontested divorce in Oklahoma County

Oklahoma is a no-fault divorce state. This means that you can get a divorce in Oklahoma without alleging any wrongdoing (such as adultry). The no-fault ground for a divorce in Oklahoma is incompatability. Incompatability simply means that you and your spouse do not get along and the marriage cannot continue. Incompatability is the most commonly used ground for divorce in Oklahoma.

Quickie Oklahoma Waiver Divorce

We offer a variety of Oklahoma uncontested divorce Packages.

Our Waiver Divorce Package allows you to file and finalize an Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce without your spouse having to appear in court. This is also called the "quickie waiver divorce." The waiver divorce is the quickest and easiest way to get an uncontested divorce and the waiver divorce should only be used if your spouse is willing to sign the divorce papers.

If your spouse is not willing to sign the divorce papers, or if your spouse is incarcerated, the Service-Summmons divorce is the way to go

With the Service Divorce Package you may be able to finalize your Uncontested Oklahoma Divorce even if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers. After being served with divorce papers, if your spouse doesn't contest the divorce in writing or through a lawyer within twenty days, the divorce can be finalized without the other spouse's signature. This is also known as a default judgment divorce. The Service-Summons divorce is idea if your spouse is incarcerated because he or she will likely be financially unable to hire a lawyer to contest the divorce.

If you can't locate your spouse, or if your spouse refuses to give you an address to serve divorce papers, or if your spouse is running from the law, the publication divorce can get you divorced without your spouse's signature.

The publication divorce in Oklahoma allows you to legally serve your spouse with divorce papers by phishing a legal notice in the newspaper in the county where the divorce is filed. To do a publication divorce the court must approve your request. For more information about the publication divorce call and speak with a divorce specialists today!

Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Forms

We provide quality and affordable uncontested divorce services to all residents in Oklahoma. You can rest assured that your Uncontested Divorce forms will be prepared by professionals, using the most latest forms approvred by the court you are filing in. Call us today 1-800-503-5919.

Oklahoma Divorce Parenting Class

Uncontested Divorce

Divorcing couples in Oklahoma that have minor children may be required to complete a four-hour divorce parenting class before their divorce can be finalized (in our experience not all counties in Oklahoma enforce the class).

The Online divorce parenting class can be taken online. The online divorce class is the most comprehensive online class available and is ideal for court requirements. There is a full money back guarantee for court acceptance. Start the Oklahoma Divorce Class Online Here

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